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Music theory is one of the most important aspects of our students' development in our music classrooms. Of course, music making, performance, and experience also have their own critical roles, but students appreciate music much more when they can hear AND understand the mechanics of music.

There are many music theory websites that are designed to help you teach your students from the most basic to the most advanced aspects of music theory. Whether you're looking for a detailed theory lesson or just a simple game to reinforce a basic concept, this website has what you need to help your students understand more concretely.

Music theory

Best for: Intermediate music grades

It still amazes me that some teachers have never heard of or used offers a variety of exercises and Mp3 download songs pre-made digital lessons that take students through the basics of music theory (rhythm, notes on a staff, time signatures, etc.) to creating chord progressions, building Neapolitan chords, and inversions. .

In customization, teachers can pre-create their own exercises and parameters for their students. For example, perhaps a class is learning about the spatial notes of a treble clef. A teacher could design a note identification quiz that asks students only the treble clef space notes. The teacher can also set parameters such as time limit, question limit and multiple attempts allowed.

Once an exercise is designed, it is saved as a private link that can be added to digital classrooms or distributed via email. When students click on the link, all the preset parameters are waiting for them, which significantly reduces the time to prepare for exams or quizzes.


Best for: Elementary/Intermediate music classrooms (virtual instruments) and Secondary music classrooms (theory)

Musicca is similar to in terms of their theory exercises, but they also have additional features that make them unique and useful in their own right.

Mp3 download songs

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