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iPhone Gear for the Great Outdoors


Cover As an outdoor enthusiast, I have been a strong supporter of the Lifeproof brand since its inception. You need it as on your phone. Designed to the highest standards of excellence, Lifeproof Case provides the most complete water and shock resistance for iPhones and iPad. Watertight zippers with water resistance offer adventurers two main design options: frē and nüd. While Lifeproof's frē option includes a built-in screen protector, as well as a nüüd option (which keeps the iDevice's glass touchscreen open at all times), the exception is Lifeproof for iPhone, which is currently only available on the iPhone 6 Plus model.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case Affordable

Survivor All-Terrain offers users one of the best protections in a non-waterproof iDevice case. While All-Terrain isn't necessarily designed to be submerged in water, it does meet military standards for water resistance, meaning All-Terrain will protect your iDevice from "accidental exposure." With All-Terrain, your iPhone and iPad are safely encased in a durable, impact-resistant case, and with fully sealed cameras, ports, and buttons, you don't have to worry. your iDevice (if it's with you at the beach or pool) In the case shown here, All-Terrain offers the largest selection of custom colors

Scosche StrikeLINE Solid LED

StrikeLINE II is essentially a cable that Apple should have chosen to bundle with iPhones and iPads, but it's not. As a result, Scosche offers a powerful solution to one of the most problematic parts of Apple product accessories. Apple will sell you a Lightning cable, but its insulating plastic shell will almost certainly break violently, usually on the Lightning side, or accumulate so many fingerprints from the absorbent plastic that it will quickly turn white. For the most part, I don't see a

Lightning cable with too many branches, but I've tried through dozens since I started buying Lightning-enabled iDevices. Now, with Scosche's upgraded Lightning MFi cable, I finally feel like I've found something I can trust. This is my favorite travel charging cable because it's the only one I can trust.

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